‘Lifestyle medicine’ Ryoho Yoga works on the premise that how we move and what we consume leads to either good or ill health.

Ryoho (translated as ‘appropriate’) is a unique form of yoga therapy developed by Australian practitioner, Andzej Gospodarczyk. Recognised as a world leader in his field, Andzej’s approach is based on the combination of three lifestyle modalities: corrective yoga therapy, Shiatsu and nutrition.

Andzej’s teachings are based on his own experience of studying with some of the greatest modern masters of eastern medicine, including Masahiro Oki.


As ‘lifestyle medicine’ Ryoho works on the premise that the real tools of health are the same as those that create illness. ‘Lifestyle creates and cures disease’, says Andzej, so we must deal with the source of our issues as any other approach results in complex labeling and spiraling health issues.
Our lifestyle is made up of how we move and what we consume (i.e. what goes in and what goes out). Simple changes to our habits (which maintain the cycle of illness) – through exercise, diet, meditation and life choices – can break the cycle of illness and elevate our level of health. Even genetic predisposition can be compensated for by lifestyle. Health issues are a result of poor personal choices made by ourselves or our parents and these must be corrected before we can get on with our lives as happy healthy individuals.

Combining traditional Indian Hatha poses with the principles of the Five Element Theory as well as the meridian-based healing arts of China, Japan and India, Ryoho uses specific postures, food advice and lifestyle recommendations appropriate to specific conditions. Everyone has different needs.